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Everyone of us is enthusiastic about the list of things and many things in life that we can be obsessed about is unlimited. Mine is about technology. Let's pause for a moment and try and give some thought to it. Technology is a discipline where change is the only steady and the pace at which changes occur can be intimidating to most people.

Try asking your dad or grandpa to modify a Word doc or implement a filter to the photograph which you've only taken using the phone camera. Do not be surprised that such little tasks that we tend to take for granted can be seen as highly challenging. That's what we refer to technological laggard. We may presume it is a hillarious problem but flash yourself few decades down the road.

Today, the era of desktop computing is on the point of extinction and we are seeing a transformation towards the era of cloud computing. The reference of cloud computing is enough to make many people feel giddy and if you are one of them, you had better make sure you do something about it. Should you choose to do nothing about it, be warned of the effects and do not blame it on anyone if you discover yourself unrelated few years down the road.

Some time back, Jeff Bezo unveiled the plan to use drone for delivery and the Amazon Prime Air thought stirred up enormous amount of interest on the list of geek community. What follows shortly after is a skyrocketing excitement to use drone for civilian purpose. When it decided to run its advertisements on the superbowl show a jackpot struck. If you wonder how that can be reached, it's not complex. They run an advertisements that reveal the beer to be delivered by the use of drone of the company's. Personally, I absolutely adore that idea.

I'm not and I am only a standard people who has an obsession over tech stuffs and I love to write, though you may think I am an informed geek but the truth is. I started blogging by focusing my writing on technology and not too long ago, I hope to keep myself updated with the most recent technological invention. My door is opened to any chance. Feel free to drop me an email if you think there's any potential synergy that can enrich both our interests.

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